Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Boucher, Anthony

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Pseudonym of US editor and writer William Anthony Parker White (1911-1968), who, after a piece of juvenilia, "Ye Goode Olde Ghoste Storie" (1927 WT), began his career proper with a number of comic fantasies in Unknown, including "Snulbug" (1941), "The Compleat Werewolf" (1942) and "Sriberdegibit" (1943). The first and third are reprinted in Far and Away (coll 1955); the first and second appear in The Compleat Werewolf and Other Stories of Fantasy and Science Fiction (coll 1969). The latter collection includes also the moralistic "We Print the Truth" (1943), perhaps AB's finest work. He wrote some notable sf and detective fiction, but his contribution to the fantasy genre was largely restricted to his service as co-editor (1949-1954) and then sole editor (1954-1958) of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. He edited an annual selection of stories drawn from the magazine: The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction (anth 1952), The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction, Second Series (anth 1953) and Third Series (anth 1954), both with J Francis McComas (1911-1978), his co-editor on F&SF, plus, solo, Fourth Series (anth 1955), Fifth Series (anth 1956), Sixth Series (anth 1957), Seventh Series (anth 1958) and Eighth Series (anth 1959). [BS]

William Anthony Parker White


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