Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Bishop, Michael

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(1945-    ) US writer of sf and some fantasy. Several stories in One Winter in Eden (coll 1984) are American Gothic fantasies; they include the title tale, "One Winter in Eden" (Dragons of Light anth 1980 ed Orson Scott Card), in which a Dragon disguised as a schoolteacher flares up at racial injustice, and must flee to a new hideaway, and The Quickening (in Universe 11 ed Terry Carr anth 1981; 1991 chap), in which the world's population is translated into a testing new environment which could be an Eden, although already spoiled; the latter story won a Nebula Award. Who Made Stevie Crye? (1984) is a Horror novel as well as a Recursive meditation on fiction and dreaming (see Dreams). Unicorn Mountain (1988) is an uneasily powerful fantasy (with some interesting Technofantasy elements) which equates the arrival in this sphere of sick Unicorns from the realm of Death with the passing over of AIDS victims into unicorn country. The moral and metaphysical transactions engaged upon are complexly argued. [JC]

Works edited: Changes: Stories of Metamorphosis (anth 1983) with Ian Watson; Light Years and Dark: Science Fiction and Fantasy of and for Our Time (anth 1984); Nebula Awards 23 (anth 1989); Nebula Awards 24 (anth 1990); Nebula Awards 25 (anth 1991).

Michael Bishop


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