Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)

(vt Biggles: Adventures in Time; vt Biggles Gets Off the Ground) UK movie (1986). Universal/Compact Yellowbill/Tambarle. Pr Pom Oliver, Kent Walwin. Exec pr Adrian Scrope. Dir John Hough. Spfx David Harris. Screenplay John Groves, Walwin. Based on characters created by W E Johns (1893-1968). Novelizations Biggles: The Untold Story * (1986) by Peter James; Biggles: The Movie * (1986) by Larry Milne. Starring Peter Cushing (Commodore William Raymond), Neil Dickson (Biggles), Daniel Flynn (Ginger), Marcus Gilbert (Erich von Stalhein), Francesca Gonshaw (Marie), William Hootkins (Chuck), Fiona Hutchinson (Debbie), Alex Hyde-White (Jim Ferguson), James Saxon (Bertie), Michael Siberry (Algy). 92 mins. Colour.

Present-day fast-foods entrepreneur Ferguson is a time-Twin of the World War I fighter ace Biggles, as he discovers through a series of Timeslips. He is prepared to dismiss this as Hallucination until ancient RAF Commodore Raymond persuades him that the aid he gives/gave to Biggles in destroying a German secret weapon is/was important if the present is to be preserved. At last Biggles and the weapon are brought into the present, where the weapon is destroyed. B is rather flatly scripted and feels like Spielberg-on-the-cheap, yet has interest because of its notion of travel not only through Time (see also Time Travel) but from the mundane into a created Alternate Reality, and vice versa. [JG]

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