Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Bertram, Noel

Pseudonym of UK writer Joseph Noel Thomas Boston (1910-1966), Vicar of Dereham and antiquarian, whose occasional Ghost Stories, in the style of M R James, were privately published as Yesterday Knocks (coll 1953) as by Noel Boston. Most are set around the fictional cathedral of Losingham. Some were reprinted (along with new stories) in the Supernatural Stories series 1960-1962 as by Noel Bertram. This came about through the intervention of R Lionel Fanthorpe (1935-    ) (see SFE link below) who, as a favour, placed the stories with the publisher as if they were his own. [MA]

further reading: "Noel Boston: Master Antiquarian" (Ghosts & Scholars #5 1983) by Mike Ashley.

Joseph Noel Thomas Boston


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