Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Beauty and the Beast [tv]

US tv series (1987-1990). Witt-Thomas Productions/CBS. Pr Ron Koslow, Tony Thomas, Paul Junger Witt. Dir Virginia Attias and many others. Created by Ron Koslow. Writers George R R Martin and many others. Starring Jay Acovone (Deputy District Attorney Joe Maxwell), Jo Anderson (Diana Bennett), Cory Danziger (Kipper), David Greenlee (Mouse), Linda Hamilton (Catherine Chandler), Roy Dotrice (Father), Ron Perlman (Vincent), Ren Woods (Eddie). 55 60min episodes. Colour.

Attacked and left for dead by hoods who mistake her for a trial witness they are trying to silence, Catherine Chandler awakes in a strange maze of tunnels under New York, where she has been carried by Vincent, a strange half-man, half-lion creature whose fierce looks belie a tender personality. He was abandoned as a baby in the tunnels, there being raised by Father, an enigmatic figure who led a tribe of other unfortunates. Chandler, a lawyer at the DA's office, finds herself relying on the help of Vincent and his fellow tunnel dwellers in her attempts to stop crime. As time passes, the two are drawn to each other, often reciting poetry. Though the soap-opera-like story romantically linked the two, when Linda Hamilton decided she wanted to give up the role of Chandler, her pregnant character was kidnapped and murdered. Vincent became a relentless vigilante, a move that quickly spelled doom for the series. The main attraction for some fans was the love story; for others it was the enigmatic and dimly lit sets of the tunnel world.

Novelization were Beauty and the Beast * (1989) by Barbara Hambly; Beauty and the Beast: Song of Orpheus * (1990) by Hambly, and Beauty and the Beast: Masques (1990) by Ru Emerson. [BC]

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