Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Baring, Maurice

(1874-1945) UK diplomat and writer who became an expert on Russia and its literature. His first writings were poetry and a play, The Black Prince (1902); his short fiction began to appear in The Morning Post while he was its foreign correspondent. His stories, often enigmatic, show a predilection for disassociation of mind – as in his best tales: "The Shadow of a Midnight" (1908), about precognition (> Talents), and "Venus" (1909), featuring astral projection (> Astral Body) to the eponymous planet. MB's stories were collected in Orpheus in Mayfair (coll 1909), whose title story is a tale of translated Myth, a theme MB further explored in The Glass-Mender (coll 1910). A revised selection of MB's stories was assembled as Half-a-Minute's Silence (coll 1925). Vernon Lee's collection For Maurice (coll 1927) is dedicated to MB. [MA]

Maurice Baring


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