Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Bantock, Nick

(1949-    ) UK artist and writer, now resident in Canada, who entered the fantasy field with the Griffin & Sabine sequence of Graphic Novels: Griffin & Sabine: An Extraordinary Correspondence (graph 1991 US), Sabine's Notebook (graph 1992) and The Golden Mean: In Which the Extraordinary Correspondence of Griffin & Sabine Concludes (graph 1993). Griffin Moss is a lonely graphic artist and postcard designer in London; Sabine Strohem is a woman able, via some Talent, to see through Griffin's eyes as he paints. As the sequence develops, and the two begin to flee from or search for one another, their mutual mystery begins to unpack in terms of Jungian Psychology: she seems to be his Muse, and they are each other's Shadow. The Egyptian Jukebox (graph 1993) presents picture clues to the disappearance of its protagonist; and Kublai Khan (graph 1994) accompanies Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem with pop-up illustrations. [JC]

Nick Bantock


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