Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Ball, Margaret

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(1947-    ) US writer who has written historical novels as Catherine Lyndell. Her first fantasy novel, The Shadow Gate (1991), carries an inhabitant of Faerie into this world; here she makes friends who later, back in Faerie, become vital to her attempts at Healing her domain. MB's Tamai sequence – Flameweaver (1991) and Changeweaver (1993) – is set in an alternate 19th century (see Alternate Worlds) in which China continues to exclude the imperialist West from its borders, partly through the use of Demons. Tamai, who has Magic powers, undergoes various learning experiences with her skill, then accompanies a UK explorer, Charles Carrington, on various adventures. By the end of the second volume they still have not reached the heart of China, so sequels may appear. MB has also co-written with Anne McCaffrey an sf novel, PartnerShip (1992). [JC]

Margaret Elizabeth Ball


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