Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Baker, Scott

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(1947-    ) US-born writer, long resident in France, whose first novel, Symbiote's Crown (1978), is sf but most of whose work is Dark Fantasy or Horror – including his best-known title, Nightchild (1979; rev 1983). The protagonist of this Supernatural Fiction undergoes a Rite of Passage into a Vampire sect, for which it is intended he will serve as provender. But he proves a vampire himself, albeit one with good intentions: he helps recast vampires – an alien race – and humanity into a new harmony. The Ashlu Cycle comprises Firedance (1986) and Drink the Fire from the Flames (1987), and depicts the complex interrelationship between two Shaman protagonists, the elder of whom is training the younger to replace him by means of a ritual Agon. Dhampire (1982; much rev vt Ancestral Hungers 1995) and Webs (1989) are both horror, the latter an ambitiously constructed tale involving multiple entanglements, from supernatural Spiders to engulfing Sex. [JC]

other works: Nouvelle recette pour canard au sang (coll 1983) and Frangales (coll 1985), both in French.

Scott MacMartin Baker


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