Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Bailey, Robin Wayne

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Working name of US writer Robert Wayne Bailey (1952-    ), who began writing fantasy novels with the Frost sequence of tales about a warrior Witch: Frost (1983), Skull Gate (1985) and Bloodsongs (1986). The combination of Feminism and Sword and Sorcery is intermittently effective, especially at points when Frost, the heroine, must struggle with guilt (she is a patricide) and with her son (inspired by a Wizard, he threatens the Land with Wrongness). A second series, Brothers of the DragonBrothers of the Dragon (1992), Straight on Till Mourning (1993) and Flames of the Dragon (1994) – carries its protagonists, who are brothers, through a Portal into a Secondary World where they are treated as Heroes in an eons-long war against a sorceress, who rules the Dark Lands, and a sorcerer who rules the Kingdoms of Night. The Dragons of the title are warrior dragons, telepathically linked to their riders; the Unicorns who take a dominant role are Nazgûl-like ghouls (> J R R Tolkien). Other echoes – specifically of Stephen R Donaldson's first Covenant sequence (1977) – attend the gradual unfolding of the brothers' redemptive role in the land and their troubles back in this world. [JC]

other works: Enchanter * (1989), tied to a computer Game; Philip José Farmer's The Dungeon #4: The Lake of Fire * (1989); Night Watch (1990); The Lost City of Zork * (1991), tied to a game.

Robert Wayne Bailey


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