Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Atkey, Bertram

(1880-1952) UK writer, best remembered today for his Cockney crime stories about Smiler Bunn, but who also produced several sf and fantasy stories for the popular Magazines; only a small portion have been collected. The Hobart Honey series has the trappings of sf (travel to different periods of history) but the modus – pills provided by a Tibetan lama – shifts them into fantasy; the tone is humorous. Two known novels in the series are "The Backslidings of Mr Hobart Honey" (1916 Red Magazine) and The Escapes of Mr Honey (1944). In the same tone BA updated the Hercules legend, converting the 12 labours into a series of sports in Hercules – Sportsman (1917 Red Magazine; fixup 1922). He also delighted in nature fantasies. Folk of the Wild (1907) looked at creatures of Myth surviving until today, a theme recurring in more humorous vein in the series Unnatural Nature Stories (1918-1919 Red Magazine), which involved Dinosaurs, ape-men (see Apes), Mummies, centaurs and mermen (see Mermaids). [MA]

Bertram Atkey


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