Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Asimov, Isaac

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(1920-1992) US writer, of great importance to sf (see SFE) but of minor interest to fantasy. Two collections – Azazel (coll of linked stories 1988) and Magic: The Final Fantasy Collection (coll 1996) – contain most of his fantasy of any interest. Many of these – rather in the mode of the Mulliner Club-Story sequence by P G Wodehouse – are Tall Tales told to an Asimov-like listener by George Butternut, whose Companion, an "extraterrestrial" Demon named Azazel, fulfils Wishes and does other things to help George help others. Most of Azazel's feats backfire; the effect is broad, and occasionally amusing. The second volume also includes some essays on Fantasy. [JC]

other works (as editor): 100 Great Fantasy Short Short Stories (anth 1984) with Terry Carr and Martin H Greenberg; Isaac Asimov Presents the Best Fantasy of the 19th Century (anth 1982) and Isaac Asimov Presents the Best Horror and Supernatural of the 19th Century (anth 1983), both with Greenberg and Charles G Waugh (1943-    ); Baker's Dozen: 13 Short Fantasy Novels (anth 1985; vt The Mammoth Book of Short Fantasy Novels 1988 UK); Visions of Fantasy: Tales from the Masters (anth 1989).

Edited series: The Magical Worlds of Fantasy, all with Greenberg and Waugh, comprising Isaac Asimov's Magical Worlds of Fantasy #1: Wizards (anth 1983); #2: Witches (anth 1984); #3: Cosmic Knights (anth 1985); #4: Spells (anth 1985); #5: Giants (anth 1985); #6: Mythical Beasties (anth 1986; vt Mythic Beasts 1988 UK); #7: Magical Wishes (anth 1986); #8: Devils (anth 1987); #9: Atlantis (anth 1987); #10: Ghosts (anth 1988); #11: Curses (anth 1989) and #12: Faeries (anth 1991); #1 and #2 were assembled as Isaac Asimov's Magical Worlds of Fantasy: Witches & Wizards (omni 1985).

Isaac Asimov


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