Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Ash, Constance

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(1950-    ) US writer whose fantasy novels about Glennys the Stallion QueenThe Horsegirl (1988), The Stalking Horse (1990) and The Stallion Queen (1992) – describe her heroine's escape from Bondage to her psychic rapport (see Talents) with horses. The bondage is onerous, for the Fantasyland of the sequence is riven by sectarian hatred; any follower of the Goddess – here identified as Eve, the First Mother – is adamantly opposed by fundamentalist patriarchs who espouse the primal guilt of women, in terms familiar to students of fundamentalist Christianity and Islam (see Gender), and who despoil the Land, justifying their behaviour in terms which are also familiar. Glennys rises in this world by dint of infrequent but extended sexual alliances with sympathetic male figures, and by the end of her tale – having become Stallion Queen of a newly founded domain, and after much bloodshed typical of Dynastic Fantasy – has attained some security and saved the land from Religion. Though hampered by the strictures of her choice of venue and plot-structure, CA demonstrates how thoroughly such venues and plots can serve more complex ends. [JC]

Constance Lee Ash


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