Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Arthur C Clarke Award

Given since 1987 for the best Science-Fiction novel published during the course of the previous calendar year in the UK. Although it is theoretically restricted to sf, more than one winning novel has been outright fantasy while several have strayed very far from the kind of sf written (and by implication espoused) by Clarke himself. The panel of judges is overseen by the Science Fiction Foundation, of which Clarke is a Patron, the British Science Fiction Association and the International Science Policy Foundation, each supplying two jurors on a rota basis. Clarke has underwritten the costs of administering the award, and the annual prize of £1000 is donated by him. In the list below dates are year of award rather than of publication; US novels in particular may have been published more than a year earlier. [JC]


  • 1987: Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid's Tale
  • 1988: George Turner, The Sea and Summer
  • 1989: Rachel Pollack, Unquenchable Fire
  • 1990: Geoff Ryman, The Child Garden
  • 1991: Colin Greenland, Take Back Plenty
  • 1992: Pat Cadigan, Synners
  • 1993: Marge Piercy, Body of Glass (ot He, She and It)
  • 1994: Jeff Noon, Vurt
  • 1995: Pat Cadigan, Fools


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