Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)

US digest Magazine, 3 issues, quarterly, Winter 1988-Summer 1988, published by Penrhyn Publishing, Renton, Washington; ed Ross Emry.

In its brief existence A was unable to carve itself a niche. It invoked some wrath in #1 by suggesting that fantasy was a superior literary form to sf. It sought to publish both, but the emphasis was on Low Fantasy, especially the intrusion or re-enactment of Legend. It attracted good fiction by John Brunner, Ru Emerson, Janet Morris, Larry Niven, Mike Resnick (1942-2020), Elizabeth Scarborough, Nancy Springer and Keith Taylor. [MA]

This entry is taken from the Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997) edited by John Clute and John Grant. It is provided as a reference and resource for users of the SF Encyclopedia, but apart from possible small corrections has not been updated.