Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Anderson, Margaret J

(1931-    ) US writer for young adults. Her books are mostly Timeslip adventures, including her first, To Nowhere and Back (1975), in which a young girl travels a century into the past, where she has another name. MJA is best-known for her Time TrilogyIn the Keep of Time (1977), In the Circle of Time (1979) and The Mists of Time (1984) – which provides intensified interest because of the intricacy of its switches from time past to time future; its Scottish protagonists, in the 14th and a barbaric 21st century, fight to defend their native land. The Druid's Gift (1989) also involves timeslips as its young protagonist learns from the future how to build a life that may have some chance of continuing. The Ghost Inside the Monitor (1990), about a computer monitor which contains a Ghost, is a Technofantasy. [JC]

Margaret Jean Anderson


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