Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
American Tail, An: Fievel Goes West

(vt Fievel Goes West) US movie (1991). Universal/Amblin. Pr Steven Spielberg, Robert Watts. Exec pr Kathleen Kennedy, David Kirschner, Frank Marshall. Dir Phil Nibbelink, Simon Wells. Spfx sv Scott Santoro. Screenplay Flint Dille, Charles Swenson. Voice actors Cathy Cavadini (Tanya), John Cleese (Cat R Waul), Dom DeLuise (Tiger), Phillip Glasser (Fievel), Amy Irving (Miss Kitty), James Stewart (Wylie Burp). 75 mins. Colour.

This sequel to An American Tail was made without Don Bluth's participation; it came from the newly formed Amblimation, a London branch of Spielberg's empire. Feline shyster Cat R Waul cons hordes of New York mice to rustic Green River with the promise that, out West, cats and mice are friends; the Mousekewitzes are ensnared. To defeat Waul, Fievel must enlist his hero, the now-decrepit canine Sheriff Wylie Burp, and himself become a Western Hero. Though faster and better plotted than its predecessor, this lacks the subtextual depth. [JG]

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