Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Almost An Angel

US movie (1990). Paramount/Ironbark. Pr John Cornell. Exec pr Paul Hogan. Dir Cornell. Screenplay Hogan. Starring Charlton Heston (uncredited; God), Hogan (Terry Dean), Elias Koteas (Steve Garner), Linda Kozlowski (Rose Garner), Doreen Lang (Mrs Garner). 95 mins. Colour.

Small-time criminal Terry is injured saving a child's life; unconscious in hospital, he Dreams he is dead but God is returning him to Earth as an Angel. Coincidences conspire to convince him (but not us) this is more than a dream, and he amateurishly performs good deeds, some involving faked Miracles. Yet in the movie's denouement we discover this is the reverse of a Rationalized Fantasy: he does indeed have supernatural attributes and abilities. AAA is a slight, wry, sentimental comedy, but in its modest way an extremely effective – and affecting – piece of fantasy. [JG]

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