Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Alexander, Marc

(1929-    ) New Zealand writer who produces Horror as by Mark Ronson and who began to publish fantasy with the unremarkable The Mist Lizard (1977). His work of greatest interest is the Wells of Ythan sequence – Ancient Dreams (1988), Magic Casements (1989), Shadow's Realm (1991) and Enchantment's End (1992) – set in a Fantasyland long ago subject to a Thinning when Princess Livia (whose Underlier is Sleeping Beauty) is cast into an enchanted sleep. The protagonists, often helped on their way by Plot Coupons (like The Esav, through which it is possible – using other coupons en passant – to locate the slumbering Livia), variously Quest for the princess in order that the Healing may begin; as they proceed, they tend to re-enact traditional tales in a series of linked plots. [JC]

other works: Not After Nightfall: Thirteen Stories to Haunt Your Dreams (coll 1985).

as Mark Ronson: Bloodthirst (1979); Ghoul (1980); Ogre (1980); Plague Pit (1981); Grimalkin's Tales: Strange and Wonderful Cat Stories (coll 1983) with Stella Whitelaw and Judy Gardiner; The Dark Domain (1984); Whispering Corner (1989).

Marc Elward Alexander


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