Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Aldridge, Alan

(1943-2017) UK artist and writer, active from about 1963. The Penguin Book of Comics: A Slight History (1967; rev 1971) with George Perry is a useful survey; Phantasia of Dockland, Rockland, and Dodos (1981 chap US) comprises text and illustrations devoted to the City and other venues, with some fiction added. AA's fiction includes The Gnole (1991), written with Steven R Boyett and illustrated by AA with Maxine Miller and Harry Willock, an ambitiously illustrated ecological Fable in which the planet is seen to be at risk. As much of it is set in Manhattan, The Gnole is also a New York fantasy. AA's work as an illustrator has been in general extremely influential (for good and ill) on fantasy art at its most purely decorative, ornate and sentimental. [JC]

Alan Aldridge


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