Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Alarcón, Pedro A de

(1833-1891) Spanish author of El Sombrero de tres picos (1874; trans as The Three-Cornered Hat 1891 UK), a Fable-like tale which became instantly famous. The earlier El amigo de la muerte (1852; trans Mrs Francis J A Darr as The Strange Friend of Tito Gil 1890 US; new trans Mary J Serrano as The Friend of Death: A Fantastic Tale 1891 UK) is a Posthumous Fantasy in which a suicide is gulled by Death into thinking he has not yet killed himself, but eventually awakens – after an illusory life in which he marries his beloved – into Death's kingdom. The tale climaxes in an Apocalypse set in the 24th century. [JC]

Pedro Antonio de Alarcón


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