Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Adventures of Wonder Woman, The

US tv series (1976-1979). Douglas S Cramer Company/Bruce Lansbury Productions/Warner Bros./ABC, CBS. Pr Wilfred Lloyd Baumes, Charles B Fitzsimons, Mark Rodgers. Sv pr Bruce Lansbury. Exec pr Baumes, Douglas S Cramer. Dir Jack Arnold, Bruce Bilson, Michael Caffey, Barry Crane, Leonard J Horn and many others. Writers Alan Brennert and many others. Based on the Comic-book characters created by Charles Moulton. Starring Ed Begley Jr (Harold Farnum), Lynda Carter (Diana Prince/Wonder Woman), Carolyn Jones (Queen 1976-1977), Cloris Leachman (Queen 1976-1977), Beatrice Straight (Queen 1977-1979), Lyle Waggoner (Major Steve Trevor/Steve Trevor Jr), Debra Winger (Drusilla/Wonder Girl 1976-1977). 59 60min episodes. Colour.

The series began by continuing the successful formula of the second pilot movie – The New, Original Wonder Woman (1975) – and is initially set during World War II. Most of the early plots centre on battles against the Nazis – who in one episode create their own Wonder Woman – and against saboteurs and spies. Following 13 episodes on ABC, the series moved to CBS, where it was re-titled The New Adventures of Wonder Woman. With the change of networks, the setting became the present. The new story begins with Steve Trevor's son, Steve Jr (both conveniently played by Lyle Waggoner), crashlanding on Paradise Island. Wonder Woman returned there after WWII, but Steve brings her back to fight a new set of villains.

Once again Wonder Woman adopts the disguise of Diana Prince. Both she and Steve work as agents of IADC, the Inter-Agency Defense Council, fighting a wide variety of problems. Several stories deal with mind-enslaving aliens; others see a telekinetic Japanese soldier who does not know WWII is over, political blackmailers, a mad scientist who can create volcanoes, and a time traveller taking advantage of Wonder Woman's knowledge of the past. Perhaps the most unusual episode finds her helping a leprechaun recover his stolen gold. When the new version appeared, the comic book character, previously shifted back to the past to parallel the series, was returned to the present. [BC]

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