Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Adventures of Sir Lancelot, The

UK tv series (1956-1957). ITV/Sapphire Films. Pr Dallas Bower, Sidney Cole, Bernard Knowles. Exec pr Hannah Weinstein. Dir Arthur Crabtree, Knowles, Ralph Smart, Anthony Squire and others. Writers Ian McLellan Hunter (pseudonymous), Ring Lardner Jr (pseudonymous), Leslie Poynton, Leighton Reynolds, Smart and others. Starring Jane Hylton (Guinevere), Ronald Leigh-Hunt (Arthur in later episodes), William Russell (Sir Lancelot du Lac), Robert Scroggins (Brian), Bruce Seton (Arthur in early episodes), Cyril Smith (Merlin). 30 25min episodes. B/w.

The Adventures of Robin Hood (1956-1960) had been a great hit for ITV/Sapphire, and so they followed it up with TAOSL, shot on a next-door set at Nettlefold Studios. Like ITV's later The Adventures of William Tell (1958-1959), this was essentially a rehash of the Robin Hood series – and with much the same production team – but set in a different milieu. While the stories were not distinguished, the period reconstruction was, being based on research commissioned from the University of Oxford. [JG]

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