Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Adams, Robert

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(1932-1990) US soldier and writer who remains best-known for the Horseclans sequence of post-Holocaust adventures which, though its protagonists behave for pages on end like Sword-and-Sorcery heroes, maintains a consistent sf rationale. The Castaways in Time sequence was also sf. The incomplete Stairway to Forever sequence – The Stairway to Forever (1988) and Monsters and Magicians (1988) – is Contemporary Fantasy, its initial setting being the US South, though it is clear that the hero's access via a Portal to a Secondary World would increasingly have directed further volumes of his adventures, had RA lived to write them.

RA edited, in collaboration, a variety of anthologies, most of fantasy interest: Barbarians (anth 1985) and Barbarians II (anth 1988), both with Martin H Greenberg and Charles G Waugh; Magic in Ithkar (anth 1985), #2 (anth 1985), #3 (anth 1986) and #4 (anth 1987), all with Andre Norton; Hunger for Horror (anth 1988) with Pamela Crippen Adams (1961-    ) and Greenberg; Phantom Regiments (anth 1990) with Adams and Greenberg, featuring Ghost soldiers. [JC]

Franklin Robert Adams


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