Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Adam Adamant Lives!

UK tv series (1966-1967). BBC. Pr Verity Lambert. Dir Moira Armstrong, Laurence Bourne, Anthea Browne-Wilkinson, Philip Dudley, Leonard Lewis, Ridley Scott, William Slater and others. Writers Brian Clemens and many others. Created by Donald Cotton, Harris. Starring Peter Ducrow (The Face), Juliet Harmer (Georgina Jones), Gerald Harper (Adam Llewellyn de Vere Adamant), Jack May (William E Simms). 29 50min episodes in 2 series. B/w.

In 1902 the master-villain The Face embedded his adversary Adamant in a block of ice; when this was thawed in 1966 the world gasped, for Adamant still lived. Catapulted into London's Swingin' Sixties, he gathered sidekicks Jones (an independent-minded mod beauty) and Simms (a valet) as Companions in his fight against crime and corruption – and eventually encountered The Face once more. AA is often regarded as a sort of offshoot of The Avengers (1961-1969) but – after a desperately creaky episode #1 – it established its own style, centring on the quasi-quixotic valour of a man stranded out of his own time and combating modern intriguers while himself armed only with a swordstick. Although very much of its era, AA still conjures more than nostalgic delights. [JG]


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