Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
ab Hugh, Dafydd

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(1960-    ) US writer (whose Welsh name has been legalized) perhaps best-known for his novella, "The Coon Rolled Down and Ruptured his Larinks, a Squeezed Novel by Mr Skunk" (1990 IASFM). His first novel, Heroing, or How He Wound Down the World (1987), and its sequel, Warriorwards (1990), are Sword and Sorcery tales starring a female mercenary (see Gender) named Jiana. In the first tale she aids (and later thwarts) a prince in his Quest for the wish-granting "World's Dream", while herself examining the nature of heroism; in the second, she becomes (willingly) a slave in order ultimately to free a young woman, and subsequently to train her as a swordswoman. As Revisionist Fantasy the sequence is of some interest, though the painful "richness" of DaH's style distracts from the argument. The Arthur War Lord sequence – Arthur War Lord (1994) and Far Beyond the Wave (1994) – is a Rationalized Fantasy of Time Travel, in which a man is sent back to the time of Arthur where, as Lancelot, he must pursue a female IRA agent who is attempting to change history by assassinating the king. [JC]

other works: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Fallen Heroes * (1994) and Star Trek: The Next Generation: Balance of Power * (1994); two contributions to the Doom series of Game ties, being Knee-Deep in the Dead * (1995) and Hell on Earth * (1995), both ascribed in some sources as anon collaborations with Brad Linaweaver (1952-    ) (see SFE).

Dafydd ab Hugh


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