Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Addenda and the Digital Edition

This digital presentation of the Encyclopedia of Fantasy is based on the complete final text of the 1997 book, including corrections and additions made in proof and subsequent reports to 1999. A number of entries and part-entries which by accident or otherwise were omitted from the book have been added: these include the following.

These additions are included in the full list of addenda and corrigenda – updated to early 1999 – which was published as an Appendix to paperback editions of the Encyclopedia and appears with later amendments (mostly inserted death dates) at the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (Third Edition) editors' website ...

Other addenda besides whole entries have been merged into this digital text. Many instances of mismatched brackets and quotation marks have been corrected with software assistance. Simple corrections of spellings, dates, facts, additional titles, etc., are invisibly incorporated into entries. In a few more complex cases the Addenda notes are placed after the end of the entry for later incorporation or as a basis for rewriting: see Asterix Movies, William Beckford, Harlan Ellison, Alan Garner, Golem, King Kong Movies, Matter, The New Twilight Zone, S P Somtow, Superman and The Twilight Zone.

Some format alterations were made during conversion to HTML format in 2007. These comprise:

  • Expansion of compressed date ranges, with 1900-1 becoming 1900-1901 (and c becoming circa).
  • Bold-italic film dates (1990) changed to italic only (1990) for consistency with the online Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.
  • Full stops removed from initials: J R R rather than J.R.R. Tolkien (a side effect of the checking software, which imposes the online Encyclopedia of Science Fiction house style).
  • Caron/hacek accents (as in š or ž) restored – the Encyclopedia printers substituted breves (as in ĭ) throughout.
  • Some software-assisted fixing of cross-reference problems has been carried out.

David Langford
March 1999, slightly updated March 2007, April 2009, June 2011, October 2012, February 2015