Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)

We would not have been able to compile this book without the gratefully received help of the following:

Dominick Abel; Brian Ameringen; David Baldwin; Adrian Belcher; Chris Bell; E F Bleiler; Richard Bleiler; Charles N Brown; Lucie M Chin; William Contento; John Dallman; Lydia Darbyshire; Keith R A DeCandido; Robert Devereaux; Norman Thomas di Giovanni; Jeff Fisher; John Foyster; Kirsten Gong-Wong; Colin Greenland; John Gullidge; Paul Hamilton; Peter Heck; Tim Holman; David Hutchinson; Melissa Hyland; John Jarrold; Diana Wynne Jones; Paul Kincaid; Mary Kirchoff; Rosemary Kirstein; Hazel Langford; Fred Lerner; Paula Mardo (Exeter Central Library); Beth Meacham; Miwa Messer; Richard Middleton; Pam Miller; Julia Millette; Caroline Mullan; Colin Murray; Freida A Murray; Valerie Paine; Karen Pender-Gunn; Dominic Petitfaux; Ann Polis; Andrew Porter; Christopher Priest; David Pringle; Susan Protter; Haydn Rawlinson; Jilly Reed; Robert Reginald; Roger Robinson; Alan Rodgers; Michael Scott Rohan; Yvonne Rousseau; Sharon Sbarsky; Corin See; Donal Sheridan (Bloomsbury Theatre, London); David R Smith; Mark Stackpole; Bruce Sterling; Alan Stewart; Gordon Van Gelder; Al von Ruff; Wandering Jew (Ahasuerus the); Lawrence Watt-Evans; Bridget Wilkinson; Matt Williams; M K Wren.

In addition, acknowledgement should be made to the editors and authors of the wide range of scholarly and reference works now available to students of fantasy in all its forms. Ev Bleiler's pioneering scholarship and fatherly presence irradiated our words throughout. Two recent books that were particularly valuable were The Supernatural Index (1995) ed Mike Ashley and William Contento and The St James Guide to Fantasy Writers (1996) ed David Pringle, who kindly made available to us an advance copy of the text.

Personal thanks are also due. This encyclopedia took a long time to write, and generated personality traits in at least one of its editors. John Clute would like to thank Judith Clute, Helen Nicholls and Anna Russell, who did not hit back too often. John Grant would like to thank Catherine Barnett, Jane Barnett, Fionna O'Sullivan, Muriel Barnett and Margaret Stewart, who tolerated his absences for long hours at the computer and gave unstinting friendship and support.

John Clute
John Grant
September 1996

Additional Notes from Addenda

Helen Nicholls gave considerable help in the construction of the entry tree.

Gary Westfahl's assistance in the compilation of the Addenda cannot be overstated; neither can our gratitude to him for labours above and beyond the call of duty. Further thanks must be given in particular to Helmut Geyer, Lawrence Person, Yvonne Rousseau, Richard Scheib, Roger Silverstein, Gordon Van Gelder, and all the other "spotters" who have contributed to this section, in addition to Mike Ashley, David Langford and Ron Tiner. Gordon Van Gelder has been his usual tolerant self. Pam Scoville nobly put up with John Grant's waspishness and curtness during the final compilation.

John Clute
John Grant
September 1998

This entry is taken from the Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997) edited by John Clute and John Grant. It is provided as a reference and resource for users of the SF Encyclopedia, but apart from possible small corrections has not been updated.