Panshin, Alexei
Chronological Checklist

    13 titles
  • Heinlein in Dimension: A Critical Analysis (Chicago, Illinois: Advent: Publishers, 1968)
  • Rite of Passage (New York: Ace Books, 1968)
  • Star Well (New York: Ace Books, 1968)
  • The Thurb Revolution (New York: Ace Books, 1968)
  • Masque World (New York: Ace Books, 1969)
  • Farewell to Yesterday's Tomorrow (New York: G P Putnam's Sons, 1975) with Cory Panshin (credited in introduction though not on jacket)
  • Farewell to Yesterday's Tomorrow (New York: Berkley Medallion, 1976)
  • SF in Dimension: A Book of Explorations (Chicago, Illinois: Advent: Publishers, 1976) with Cory Panshin
  • Earth Magic (New York: Ace Books, 1978) with Cory Panshin
  • Mondi interiori: Storia della Fantascienza ["Interior Worlds"] with Cory Panshin (Milan, Italy: Editrice Nord, 1978)
  • SF in Dimension: A Book of Explorations: Second Edition (Chicago, Illinois: Advent: Publishers, 1980) with Cory Panshin
  • Transmutations: A Book of Personal Alchemy (Dublin, Pennsylvania: Elephant Press, 1982)
  • The World Beyond the Hill: Science Fiction and the Quest for Transcendence (New York: Jeremy P Tarcher, Inc, 1989) with Cory Panshin