Harris-Burland, J B
Alphabetical Checklist

    8 titles
  • The Black Motor Car (New York: The G W Dillingham Company, 1905)
  • Dacobra, or The White Priests of Ahriman (London: R A Everett and Co, 1903) as Harris Burland
  • The Disc (London: Greening and Co, 1909)
  • Dr Silex (London: Ward, Lock and Co, 1905) as J B Harris-Burland
  • The Gold Worshipers (New York: G W Dillingham Company, 1906)
  • The Princess Thora (Boston, Massachusetts: Little, Brown and Company, 1904) as Harris Burland
  • Three Antiquarians (London: Murqi Press, 1999)
  • Workers in Darkness (London: Greening and Co, 1908)