Disraeli, Benjamin
Chronological Checklist

    8 titles
  • The Voyage of Captain Popanilla (London: Henry Colburn, 1828) published anonymously
  • The Wondrous Tale of Alroy and the Rise of Iskander (London: Saunders and Otley, 1833)
  • Alroy; Ixion in Heaven; The Infernal Marriage; Popanilla (London: Longmans Green and Co, 1845)
  • Alroy; Popannilla; Count Alarcos; Ixion in Heaven (London: John Lane The Bodley Head, 1905)
  • Popanilla and Other Tales (London: Peter Davies, 1926)
  • Alroy (London: Peter Davies, 1927)
  • The Infernal Marriage (London: William Jackson, 1929)
  • Alroy or the Prince of the Captivity (no place given: Indypublish.com, 2007)