Our Awards

Hugo Award for Best Related Work

Presented at Chicon 7, the 70th World Science Fiction Convention in Chicago, September 2012. (See the entry for Hugo.)

2012 Hugo trophy

Hugo photograph used by kind permission of the trophy base designer Deb Kosiba and the official Hugo Awards site.

European SF Society Award for Best Promoter (of the genre)

Presented at Kontakt (SFeraKon 34 and Eurocon), Zagreb, April 2012.

2012 ESFS Award trophy

Photo by David Langford. Our thanks to Martin Hoare for accepting on behalf of the SFE editors.

British SF Association Award for Best Nonfiction

Presented at Olympus 2012 (UK Eastercon), Heathrow, London, April 2012. (See the entry for British Science Fiction Association Award.)

2012 BSFA Award trophy

Photo by David Langford. Yes, the trophy incorporates old paperbacks with bolts driven through them.